Structural Steel Welding  Services is a premier steel contractor based in Southbridge, MA. We specialize in Structural and Architectural projects throughout Massachusetts and the neighboring States.


Setting ourselves apart from other steel contractors, Site Welding Services is both a precision fabricator and experienced jobsite installer of steelwork on commercial and residential projects.


Structural Steel Welding Services is proud to serve all three major markets in the steel fabrication industry. Many companies specialize only in the fabrication of parts, while others just perform site installations of prefabricated parts. Fewer still are the companies who will only do projects that involve both the combination of both fabrication and installation.


Structural Steel  Welding Services conducts business in all three markets, demonstrating a broad range of adaptability in its approach to each project. With state-of-the-art scheduling capabilities and advanced inventory management practices, Site Welding Services has the flexibility to accomplish both large and small projects with a minimum of lead time.


Construction Services:

 Steel Fabrication

 Site Installation

 Fabrication and Installation

Project Types:

 Commercial Building

 Residential Construction

 Architectural Steel

 Field Welding

 Seismic Upgrades and Repairs

 Architectural and Commercial Stairs


 Gates and Railings

Administrative Services:

 Project Feasibility Studies

 Project Planning

 Drafting and Design

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